Tuesday, July 24, 2012

College kids....

Are you the parent of college kid? Or a kid who will soon be going to college? Or even an aunt/uncle/grandma, etc of a soon to be college kid? If so, this post is for you. I work at a college, and I can't even tell you how excited students get when they receive a package! It is pretty cute.

I also see the side of "broke" college students. They don't always have money to eat healthy, sometimes it is numerous nights of ramen noodles. They are also big fans of dollar menu because it is cheap. But neither of those options are very healthy. Hello freshmen 15! (I have seen it happen.) The people over at www.mygofer.com did a cute breakdown of students who get care  packages and those who don't. :) They are offering up an easy alternative instead of having to just send your student money for food. How can you be sure it won't go to other things ? ;)  Maybe you don't live close or just don't have the time to travel to your kid's school very often, they have a solution for those problems. And just think, if you are helping with care package, you can still have a little influence over what your kid is eating.

If you have never heard of www.mygofer.com, you should check it out. It can save you a bunch of time. And who can't use more time? mygofer.com is an online shopping service created with the busy mom in mind making it easy to browse and shop a “virtual aisle” filled with groceries including house supplies and pet supplies.The items are then hand selected and can be picked up or delivered to your child (great if transportation is an issue.) Mygofer also offers same day home delivery, they will deliver as late as even as 9pm and weekends!

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  1. I never knew of this and it can be a lifesaver for many whose children are away at college. Sometimes it is not even money that is the issue, but simply not knowing what to get. I am trying to teach my daughter now how to eat healthy and shop for healthy items. Hopefully, when she leaves for college in five years, she will be prepared. If not, I now know where to go!


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