Sunday, April 28, 2013

Parnevu Review

I had the chance to review 3 Parnevu products. I got to try: 

 • T-Tree Leave-In Conditioner 
 • T-Tree Break Control 
• Extra Dry Leave In Conditioner (Extra Dry formula)

 I picked these 3 products because both my daughter and I have dry hair and we use a TON of conditioning products. My hair is dry and a bit coarse. But my daughter, her hair is a whole different ball game. She is mixed, and has ringlets. But most of the time they don’t stay nice; they look more like wild and frizzy mess. She actually prefers her hair straight because we can’t control the hairs. So I have been on the hunt to find good conditioning products for her hair so she will be able to love her curls, they really are beautiful!

 I used the products on both myself and Harmony. We both weren’t real fond of the smell. They didn’t stink, but they didn’t smell good either. It is kind of hard to explain, but we would prefer a sweeter scent to the products. Of course, that comes down to a personal preference. But the products worked well. I could tell a difference in my hair, it didn’t feel near as dry. And Harmony thought her curls looked much better than before. We still had to use hair products (gel, hairspray, etc) but that is to be expected. Over all, I think these are great products, especially for the prices. Their products are priced very fair. I have paid a lot more for products that didn’t work near as well as these did.

 You can purchase the T-Tree Leave-In Conditioner for $6.00 . The T-Tree Break Control goes for $6.00  and the Extra Dry Leave In Conditioner (Extra Dry formula) is $5.00 and is rated 5 stars. ( They also have many other products that are in the same price range, you can find them HERE or on Facebook . I would recommend these products to anyone! And I will surely buy products from them! 

 **Disclaimer:  I received products to review for this post. I received no financial compensation. My opinions are my own and were not influenced in anyway. **

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