Friday, August 3, 2012

Soda Stream review

How do you keep your kids and your husband amused for hours? Get them a soda stream. Seriously, they are all so excited. We got our soda stream 2 days ago and the kids were dying to try it. We finally had time to open it today. First, the set up was EXTREMELY easy. My husband just had to attach the CO2 bottle. You simply add water, push a button a couple of times, and it makes a noise when it is done. My 4 year old can do it by himself.

So far *TONIGHT* we have tried:
1. orange
2. lemon-lime flavored water
3. And root beer.
 I had to finally tell them no more for tonight.

They all agree that the soda tastes much better then the stuff you get in the store. It also has less sugar the the soda you get in the store. I also like it because you don't have a million bottles/cans around the house. It also cuts down on wasting cans/bottles.One SodaStream carbonator can make either a 60 or 110 liters which is  equivalent to 170 or 310 aluminum cans. (source: It is also a fantastic value, costing as little as 25 cents for a the equivalent of a "can" of soda. My kids are already begging to make more. We limit soda in this house, so I am letting them have the flavored water. They aren't as in love with the water (obviously!) but they do like it. But they also offer flavors like crystal light. I think we are going to start buying those.

I think the soda stream would make a great family gift. You can buy one for as little as 79.95 and you can get free shipping at soda stream usa. Or you can get it at local stores, including: costco, walmart, kohls, macy's and many more.

Once the CO2 is empty, you can get it refilled or you can buy a new one. You do have to check the stores, some with do exchanges. Others do not offer this service. A new carbonator on amazon goes for: 53.49 for a 60 liter and 66.79 for a 130-liter.

*I received a sodastream to review. All opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in anyway.*

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