Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mama is ready for bed...

I am almost ready for bed. When did I become so lame? I am not even 30 years old yet but act like I am 85.  Heck, there might be some elderly folks who will be up later then me. We had two birthday parties to go to today and it wore me out. One was at a local park and the other at chuck e cheese, both were great, but took all the extra energy I had.  So here I sit on the couch counting down the minutes until bed time. I bet you are thinking well her kids will probably be going to bed early because surely they have to be tired too, right? THAT WOULD BE A BIG FAT WRONG. They are outside playing and running around like they we didn’t just go to 2 parties.  So I am planning to sit here with toothpicks holding my eye lids open until these 2 energizer bunnies show some sort of sign that they could be getting tired. Wish me luck.

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