Sunday, July 15, 2012


OK, I am back from a weekend get away to the beach. It was relaxing while it lasted BUT now I am SUPER behind. Wouldn't it be nice if someone took over the normal day to day things during your vacation? You would come home to bills paid, groceries in the house, laundry done, blogging done, and anything else you would have in mind. Ahh! One can dream, right? Since none of that happened, I am very behind. I hope that everyone has been entering all the great giveaways on my blog. You have the chance to win some awesome prizes including: Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, a purse, body by vi products, amazon gift card, baby shower prizes, and many more! So, look around and start entering. Good luck.

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  1. I LOVE all of your amazing giveaways!! I have a free continuously updating linky page dedicated just to rafflecopter giveaways. I would love for you to enter your giveaways there! Please check the page out at

    Thanks again!


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